The brain is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. If it doesn't work, other parts in our body don't either.

So, what can we do when our brain isn't feel well?

We can take medication. But, are there any other alternatives that can affect and help a brain that isn't feeling well? Our brain is a lot about feelings too.

Negative thoughts and feelings changes the brain. In three years, depression can be the world's largest burden of disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In Sweden, depression is one of the most common psychiatric diagnoses. In the National Public Health Survey, 19 percent of the population states that they are diagnosed with depression at least once a year. Of these, almost every third has been diagnosed more than once.

Still today, we know little of how negative thinking actually affects the chemistry of our brain, both in the short and long term.

People who have negative thoughts multiple times daily, get sick more often, of both minor illnesses such as flu and major ones as cancer. This is the case as the immune system is far lower than the average. You also age faster, as recently found out by studies last year.

Our pain receptors act exaggerated

This means that when we have good thoughts, we feel a little pinch on our arm as harmless, but when thinking negative, the brain perceives it as a stabbing pain.

For so long we have focused on medicine

KindBall is more than just a ball. It can help you at home; when someone in your family is unhappy, at work when there is anger in the air, or after a business meeting that you want to leave and have a positive feeling from. Simple and easy and with great effect!

  • Just throw the KindBall to someone and say something kind (like a compliment)
  • Get the KindBall thrown back with kind words.
  • Continue playing, until both of you feel blessed with feeling kindness.

Always! have the KindBall at your disposal. You will make so many people feeling much better. And feeling good affects our brain.

Always! have the KindBall at your disposal. You will make so many people feel much better. And feeling good affects our brain.

Martina Richter, Maker of KindBall